2022 Club Books and Night Fishing Permits

Invitations to renew night permits will be posted on Monday 29 November. The website will be updated on December 1 to allow invitees to pay for both their club books and night permits. Club books alone can also be purchased from December 1 on the website and at tackle shops.

You have until midnight December 31 to renew your night permit so there is no need to rush to pay straight away. 178 letters have been posted and if everyone reapplies immediately the membership secretary, Neil, will be overwhelmed. The same goes for club books. Added to that Neil will be spending a day in hospital on the 30th November or 1st December having a stent fitted into a coronary artery. So there may be a slight delay in getting the new books and permits issued. The club apologises for any delay but trusts you will understand that circumstances are beyond our control.

Applications for night permits from those not already holding one can also be made from December 1 through the club website. There will be an option to “purchase” a new night permit on the “Buy Membership” page. The cost is zero but the system will register you as an applicant. On or just after January 1 2022 a random draw will be held from amongst the new applicants for any available night permits, those not renewed by current holders.

Those successful in the draw will receive an email inviting them to pay within 48 hours. If not already held a 2022 club book can be purchased at the same time as paying for the new night permit. Any payments not made in that time will result in the permit being offered to the next name drawn.

We will be checking that renewed night permits are being bought by those listed as holding one in 2021 and that all applicants, existing and new, have purchased a club book.

Any questions can be raised either through the contact form on this website or by direct email to wdnac@outlook.com. Please be patient if you don’t get an immediate reply.

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