Angling Coaching & Junior Events

Our angling club is lucky to have several Angling Trust trained Angling coaches within our volunteer team.

Along with organising specific events for junior anglers within school holidays, our junior team is also heavily focused on promoting the virtues of Angling, staying active & enjoying whilst respecting our countryside to a new younger generation.

Junior events are open to any youngsters who want to attend and being a club member isn’t mandatory.
Events are gratefully sponsored by a number of Angling brands & local retailers to ensure all juniors have access to prizes in equipment or accessories which could help them get into fishing.

All bait & equipment is supplied on a junior event as/if needed to make sure any junior’s can focus on enjoying their fishing & time outdoors!

See our events calendar for any information on Junior events or the clubs Facebook Page.

WDNAC – Mill Cotton’s ‘Donut’ pool.