Match Fishing In Northamptonshire

Our club is very proud of the thriving match fishing contingent who are members year on year. This is due in part to a busy and committed team of committee members who work on arranging matches along stretches of the River Nene & Ouse along with Canal and still water matches as well.

match fishing on Mill Cotton, Ringstead
An example of an afternoon’s match result on the pole at Mill Cotton.

On land that the club owns, we have committed to investing in platforms to make match fishing more comfortable all year round along with making sure access is retained in wetter weather meaning matches don’t have to be cancelled or postponed.

Adi Stokes with a Roach bag from the River Nene, Ringstead
Adi Stokes with a Roach bag from the River Nene, Ringstead.
Carp match fishing on the Pole.

Our club committee members work closely with organisations such as the Canal & River Trust to make sure we are featuring teams in national leagues and competitions.

We also run our own programme of matches throughout the year and as a winter league.

Please feel free to get in touch via our contact form or take a look at our events calendar if you are interested in any matches or match fishing.