Mill Cotton Open as per 24th August 2020

Following the temporary closure of the Snake & Doughnut lakes on the Mill Cotton site, we are pleased to report the site is now open and welcoming members to fish again.

As per previous posts, the closure was put in place due to issues with low volumes of dissolved oxygen.
This was caused by a long spell of hot (record breaking), temperatures which were immediately followed by huge low pressure weather fronts bringing thunder storms which really are the worst conditions for fish to survive in.

A number of smaller silver fish were unfortunately lost but none of the carp stocks and many of the larger silver fish survived un-scathed.

Club volunteers swept into action manning pumps to circulate and oxygenate water day and night for the first couple of days into the issue.
We are very grateful to them for this work and can only re-iterate our gratitude for their efforts all round.

The water has been closed to anglers for a week which has allowed for dissolved oxygen levels to return to normal levels.

We must ask though that all anglers fishing the water be mindful of the amount of bait being used and to make sure that no unused bait is thrown in before leaving. Of course this falls in line with the existing restrictions of no ground bait being used at anytime as well.

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