Mill Cotton Oxygen Crash – Update & Official Club Statement

As per previously mentioned our fantastic club volunteers have been working day & night to monitor and prevent a complete crash of dissolved oxygen within the waters at our Mill Cotton fishery part of the Brian Crowhurst Ringstead Island fishery complex.

We are seeing an un-precedented number of fisheries across the country struggling with the same issues within the past week due to the long spells of record breaking hot weather followed straight away by the low pressure thunderstorms that can be devastating to the amount of dissolved oxygen a body of water can hold.
Both Angling Trust & Environment Agency staff have advised and commented they are at and beyond the absolute peak of being able to support the sheer volume of cases being raised to them within the past week. As an example of just how bad the issue has been; the EA have even reported having to carry out fish rescues on rivers in the past few days which is almost unheard of in a moving body of water!

Interestingly, the nitrite, nitrate & ammonia levels in the waters at Mill Cotton have tested as acceptable which shows the issue isn’t caused by poor water quality due to over feeding or over stocking. it seems to be purely environmental.

Unfortunately, despite all of our actions, we have lost a volume of silver fish during this issue but so far only 2 carp have been noted to have died which is very positive. There have also been a large number of silver fish still feeding which shows the silver fish stock that survived are still active.

We still have club volunteers on site 24 hours manning pumps and checking oxygen levels. Their actions have single handedly no doubt saved the stock in both waters for which all of the club are greatly appreciative considering these are anglers like all of us who have stepped up and chosen to volunteer where they can. This was also noted by a member of the AnglingTrust that without their actions, the situation could have been a lot worse than it is.

The good news is the oxygen level seems to be returning to normality now with no signs of fish gasping on the surface and oxygen levels rising.

We will however be closing both the Snake Lake & Doughnut at the Mill Cotton complex until further notice to allow for continued oxygenation work and additional testing .

Once stable, the club committee will be reviewing and investing in preventative measures for future summers along with re-stocking in winter to ensure that the waters have a healthy stocking density whilst ensuring a good days fishing for all members that has been so prolific this year.

Thanks to all members for their patience during this unfortunate incident and a heart felt thanks to all of the volunteers who are on site.

W.D.N.A.C Committee.