New Sharing Agreement With Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers

The club are pleased to announce that we have entered into a book swap agreement with Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers. This will allow Wellingborough club members to fish Scunthorpe AA waters including their stretches of the river Trent. Members will have to have both club books to show bailiffs when asked.

The two clubs have exchanged ten books that are available for any member to borrow for a short time. Scunthorpe AA members will only be accessing our stretches of the river Nene.

This agreement extends to pleasure fishing and day time only. Matches on Scunthorpe AA waters still need to be booked and paid for directly with the club, not WDNAC.

The Scunthorpe club waters can be viewed by clicking the following link

Fisheries – Scunthorpe Anglers

We have been asked to emphasise the following:

  • Check the Scunthorpe AA website for up to date information on water closures before travelling. Waters can be closed at short notice for various reasons.

    Website – Scunthorpe Anglers

  • Absolutely no litter to be left. Much of the fishing is from farmer’s fields where livestock graze.

  • All gates to be left closed for the reason stated above.

  • No dogs

  • Drive slowly on tracks

  • The Ladypitt stretch of the Trent is very popular and most swims can be taken very early in the morning. We would suggest being prepared to go to an alternative venue if all pegs taken on arrival.

  • Farmers will take book numbers of anyone they feel has broken the rules or disrespected the farmer’s land or endangered livestock

To borrow a Scunthorpe AA book please email the club at with your address and WDNAC book number(s) & type(s) (adult, senior, junior). The book(s) will be posted together with a return envelope. Please apply at least 7 days in advance to allow for postage delays.

The maximum length of time a book may be borrowed is 7 days.

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