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Ringstead Fishery and Permit

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Night fishing on the Brian Crowhurst Ringstead Fishery lakes or River Nene requires an additional permit on top of our regular annual club membership.
The limited number of night fishing permits are in place to ensure the amount of night anglers can be controlled out of respect for our venues and the wildlife that we share them with. We also want to ensure that every angler fishing nights is able to do so un-hindered by too many anglers on a water or too many anglers lines in the water making fishing more difficult at any given time.

It is important to note that many of our waters where night angling is permitted aren’t heavily stocked commercial waters and they don’t respond well under heavy angling pressure. As a club we are very aware & proud of this which is one of the reasons we limit the amount of night time anglers. We want to ensure the longevity & quality of our fish stocks & waters for many years to come.

*Please note from Jan 1st 2021 Night fishing at Princess Lake requires a separate night fishing permit and is no longer part of the Ringstead Night Fishing permit.