W.D.N.A.C Plan for Fishing Post Covid-19 Lockdown

Please note that all of the below statements are to be viewed along with making sure all members are also personally following Government guidance on social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The W.D.N.A.C committee are pleased to announce we will be opening our Brian Crowhurst Fishery at Ringstead and all other fisheries excluding Canal’s & rivers within the club from 6am this Wednesday the 13th May.

Please note, all river fishing is still closed until the fishing season opens on the 16th June.

We will update on Canal fishing once we have more clarification from The Canal & Rivers Trust.

Below are some new conditional rules that all anglers MUST adhere too as conditions of the club being able to open venues for fishing again. It’s important to note that the club committee will be reviewing these rules on a regular basis and look to remove or add rules as the national Covid-19 status changes for all. All of the below conditional rules are to be considered on top of club fishery & constitutional rules as published within the 2020 membership booklet.

New Conditional W.D.N.A.C Rules Applicable Immediately to All.

  • Waters that allow night fishing and members with night fishing permits are only able to fish for one overnight session within the space of 3 days.
  • Fishing is to take place from permanent pegs only and no angler is to create their own swim or damage any bank side vegetation whilst on a club fishery.
  • Barkers Lake on The Brian Crowhurst Fishery in Ringstead will only have 2 vehicle gates unlocked within the Otter fencing within the main car park. This is to allow  vehicle access around Barkers lake. All other pedestrian & vehicle gates within Otter fencing will be locked until further notice to reduce the risk of virus transmission & to secure the lake from predation.
  • We advise members to use hand sanitiser or wear protective gloves when or after using any club gate or club owned property in line with Government guidelines.
  • Toilet facilities on the Brian Crowhurst fishery at Ringstead will be open. Please make sure you use your foot to open doors and use hand sanitiser after every use. W.D.N.A.C will be having these facilities cleaned by contractors on a regular basis but not daily.
  • All member vehicles must be parked with a minimum of 2 metres distance between each vehicle at all fisheries to allow for social distancing at all times.
  • The use of keepnets is banned on all club waters.
  • Guest membership tokens for ‘Mill Cotton’ are suspended & invalid until further notice.
  • All fishing matches are suspended until further notice. The committee is aiming to review this decision monthly going forwards and will act accordingly in line with Government & Angling Trust Guidelines.
  • Please make sure you are able to show your membership booklet & night permit to any club bailiff when asked for from a safe 2 metre distance as per current government guidelines surrounding social distancing.

We thank all of our members for your patience during this unprecedented global event and we hope that by sticking to the government guidelines on social distancing, we will be able to continue fishing for the foreseeable future.

As a committee we all want to be back out fishing and enjoying the great outdoors as we have done in previous years. However we have to be respectful of Government & Angling Trust guidelines at such a sensitive time.

Thank you for your understanding and support as always.
The W.D.N.A.C Committee  

13 thoughts on “W.D.N.A.C Plan for Fishing Post Covid-19 Lockdown”

    1. Hi Elaine, I’m afraid not when valid, guest memberships are only for use on Mill Cotton. At present we have suspended all of the guest passes.

  1. Hello,
    I welcome your very sensible new rules for fishing.
    My only observation is two mt apart when parking,which is a good idea.
    Mill cotton car park will fill up quickly ??
    Regards and happy fishing

  2. Ive just been to Mill Cotton for a look with a view to fish later this week .
    Wednesday 13th 10 am.
    Well, the car park was full and more like two FOOT apart .
    And the wire mesh gate to the car park was propped wide open !!!
    Not very clever !!!

    1. Hi Roger, we have advised all anglers to follow the government guidelines on social distancing. We can only really enforce what we can directly control. Unfortunately, as a member run, not for profit organisation having full time car park attendants to monitor parking isn’t feasible. With regards to the gate, thank you for your concern. Government advise via the Angling trust is to leave non essential gates open where possible to avoid contact. Whilst this isn’t ideal when the gates are part of our otter fencing, this gate is within an area of the fishery that fortunately didn’t see any predation before the fencing was implemented and is classed as a lower risk by the committee due to the amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We hope you enjoy your time on the bank later in the week.

  3. I was thinking of getting a night permit but after reading the new terms of only being able to fish 1 night with a space of 3 days before returning i not going to worry about getting a night permit i like work all week and fish from friday to sunday …Shame coz i like the venue great place for day membership though

    1. Hi Gordon, I’m afraid we are all sold out of night permits for this year as well. They sell out within hours on the 1st January normally due to high demand. Thanks and tight lines wherever you decide to fish.

    1. Hi Roger, They are to prevent predation from birds that need to take off over some distance such as cormorants etc.

    1. Hi Steve, Yes that is totally fine. The government guidelines allow members of the same household to spend time together. In terms of club rules, we just ask that if the junior angler starts to use their own rod, whip or pole then a junior membership should be purchased. if sharing parents rods in the same swim then no separate membership is needed at all.

  4. Hi, my son and I have just purchased membership. Do we have to book or can we just turn up?

    Thank you

    1. Sorry for the late reply. If you are pleasure fishing just turn up. You only have to book for matches.
      Kind regards

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