River Nene – Oundle Stretches

For the 2020 membership, Oundle AC has kindly assigned their River nene waters to our club. This will protect these waters for all local anglers and ensure the continuation of local matches on these renowned stretches of River.

This acquisition compliments the clubs existing stretches of the River Nene adjacent to Barnwell Country Park and Oundle Marina.

In terms of fishing, these stretches of The Nene support a wide range of fish species in a number of different types of habitat.

Large Chub to 6lb have previously been caught from the section know as ‘The Plantations’ . Matches along all of these stretches produce strong mixed weights of silvers and these in turn produce some large predator species as well.

The stretch has been known to produce the odd carp in previous years but with all stretches of river, they are very elusive and predation from Otters & illegal fish movements have effected their numbers.

See the below video from Fox’s Mark Pitchers where from around 8:40 into the film, he is fishing upstream of Oundle town centre on this stretch trying to catch an ever elusive river carp!