Barnwell River Nene and Princess Lake

The club controls three separate sections of river and a lake at Barnwell near Oundle. 

fishing at Barnwell

Princess/Duchess Lake: Access to this is through a locked gate across the road from the Mill Restaurant. The lake has a low stock of carp following predation but there are still some special fish for those who are prepared to work for them. Roach and rudd are also abundant.

River Nene: Adjacent to the lake is the main river, known as the marina stretch (as the river feeds the marina on the opposite bank). Fishing is from the road bridge to the lock, a good venue with winter time being perhaps the most rewarding, for roach, bream, perch and the odd decent chub.

Barnwell Backbrook: Access to both backbrooks is by foot only (see map for vehicle parking area) across the front of the Mill Restaurant. Fishing is available from inside the middle field only for both backwaters. Roach, perch and chub are the main quarry with fish to specimen size.

Plantation River Nene: Access is via the red gate (your standard club key will fit) through Barnwell village on the Ashton road, via a concrete access road  A sluggish section of river with most coarse species present, this stretch is well sheltered and often produces some good bags of quality fish.

All waters at Barnwell are subject to the traditional close season meaning no fishing is permitted between the 15th March and 15th June annually with the exception of the lake.