!Important! – Notice ref access to the river at Oundle Mill.

!Important! – Notice ref access to the river at Oundle Mill.

1 – Access is via private land that as a club we are kindly permitted access via a locked gate.

2 – As per club book rules, the correct access gate should be used at all times and left closed & locked.

3 – Absolutely no climbing of gates or fencing is permitted.

4 – Failure to comply with any of the above will result in loss of membership from the club.

Please make sure you respect the rules above if choosing to fish here. If you don’t, you are risking your own membership but more importantly, loss of access to all members after the club has enabled access to this stretch of the river for over 60 years.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “!Important! – Notice ref access to the river at Oundle Mill.”

  1. Hi, regarding the gates at Oundle Mill, the second gate, to go over the bridge and into the field doesn’t unlock when using the codes 1869 or 1066 leaving no option but to climb over this gate to enter the field.

    These are the only 2 codes I’ve been provided with, are there any other options to try?


    1. Hi Matt Do you mean Barnwell Mill? If so we only have vehicle access from the gate which opens with an allen key to the lock. Past the lock then you have to climb the gate or walk along the top to the by the lock.
      Kind regards

      1. Hi Sam,
        Didn’t realise you’d replied.

        No, it’s the second gate to get into the back brook walking past the Oundle Mill building. Over the lock, the first gate with the anti climb spikes opens fine with the code but the second gate to get into the field doesn’t open with either codes mentioned above.

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